Enactus U.S. Monthly Webinars

Building a Culture Of Recruitment & Engagement
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Develop tangible strategies and plans that will boost outcomes around your recruitment and engagement goals. Share and learn best practices with Enactus leaders from across the US in a peer-to-peer session.

September 19 - 2:00pm cst 
September 25 - 3:00pm cst 
October 1 - 6:00pm cst 


Planning and Goal Setting for Success Workshop

What often separates a good team from a great team is their ability to plan, set goals, and motivates follow through. Learn how to leverage your abilities and establish long term success.

October 18 - 2:00pm cst 
October 22 - 3:00pm cst


Developing High Quality Projects 

Having well-designed, empowering projects with measurable outcomes is important to your team's long-term success. Learn how in this informative webinar.

November 14 - 2:00pm cst 
November 15 - 3:00pm cst


Raising Money: A Roadmap to Financial Sustainability 

Does your team need more money? Learn how the most well-funded teams got to that point through these best practices.

December 5 - 2:00pm cst 
December 6 - 3:00pm cst


Team Structure: Organizing Your Leadership Team for Growth and Sustainability - Register Here

Having well-designed, empowering organizational structure is important to your team's long-term success. Learn how in this informative webinar.

January 30 - 2:00pm cst 
January 31 - 3:00pm cst


Measuring and Communicating Project Outcomes at Competition - Register Here

A big part of success is understanding how to communicate your impacts to judges and the audience.

February 11 - 2:00pm cst 
February 12 - 3:00pm cst


How to Prepare and Engage Your Team Successfully For Competition - Register Here

Competition provides a tremendous opportunity for engagement. Learn how to best prepare your team for maximum success and engagement.

March 6 - 2:00pm cst 
March 7 - 3:00pm cst


Partner Company Perspectives on How to Maximize Your Expo Experience - Register Here

Maximize your time at the U.S. National Exposition by leveraging various events, activities and networking opportunities. 

April 3 - 2:00pm cst 
April 4 - 3:00pm cst


A Year in the Life of Enactus - Register Here

Expo's over and now you're wondering what to do with your Judge's Green Sheets. Share experiences and best practices, discussing next steps on how to create a bigger and better 2019-2020.

May 15 - 2:00pm cst 
May 16 - 3:00pm cst